notable-and-famous-doubt-quotes-u4It has been so long since I have written a blog post, I do not know where to begin other than to say my hiatus from writing is, at least for a short while, suspended. Over the intervening years, I have given a bit of critical thought to ideas and doctrines once held tenaciously and often advanced through ‘In Weakness, Grace Abounds.’ In the process of confronting growing doubts, with the intent of following the truth, with the best of my ability, to where ever they may lead, I have found myself at intellectual and theological places I would have found strange, unsettling, not so many years ago.

Some subjects I will address over the following posts will be the efficacy of prayer, the perspicuity of of the biblical texts, the historicity of of some of the Old Testament narratives, the doctrine of inerrancy, and the debate between free-will and determinism.

To help segue to the aforementioned and forthcoming articles, there are foundational ideas that, after years of thought, I do not believe can be shaken. One is the evidence for design in the universe, and the other is the historicity of the Easter event as described in the four Gospel narratives. From the light of those to points, all else in illuminated.


One thought on “Thus I return

  1. Glad to see you are back! I always enjoyed reading your blog. Looking forward to reading again. – Deborah

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