Finally, closure. First, YouTube informed me that the video was a bit too long, so I edited out about 10 minutes. Next, I embedded music (selections from the album Banba by Clannad) and was informed by YouTube the music was copyrighted. Even though I am a bit new at producing and uploading videos to YouTube, I should have considered both issues before uploading. Eventually, I decided upon some public domain ambient music that sounds a bit derivative of Brian Eno’s compositions to accompany the video, and I think it works well with the video to set the desired ambiance. Also, I had no idea I made such strained and unflattering facial expressions while paddling. I tried, but I could not bend Windows Live Movie Maker to my will to edit out those painful to watch segments. That all being said,I hope you enjoy this amateurish production as much as I enjoy producing it.


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