Sometimes I listen to the radio while commuting to work, and occasionally I tune in to local Christian stations.  I note that perhaps the majority of the Christian programming is on marriage. Following marriage, I find there is much talk on culture, politics, and the moral implications found therein, culture war content. Next, I find financial stewardship to be the popular topic. All these topics are fine, relevant, and often edifying topics. But it seems something is missing, is under-reported.

I understand the aforementioned topics are of interest to the targeted demographic. I do not infer that deeper content is completely absent, but that it is often overshadowed by felt-needs programming. Maybe I am being a bit harsh and cynical when it comes to Christian radio, but what I would really love to hear is more about Christ, grace, the implications of the Gospel. I would love to hear more about the heroes and martyrs of the faith throughout history. I would love to hear more about doctrine. I understand that one does not need nor desire heavy doctrinal dissertations while navigating rush hour traffic, but I would occasionally like to listen to something other than moralism and political diatribes when I do tune in during my commute. I do, however, get a chance to tune in to John MacArthur for about five or ten minutes before I have to leave the car and clock in at 4:46AM.

My solution is thus – (and I just acquired a neato FM transmitter that allows me to broadcast the MP3 audio to my car stereo) download to my mp3 player sermons from good local churches as well as the following podcasts:

Most of these links are conservative Lutheran (Missouri Synod) in focus, and I believe they all fall under the Pirate Christian Radio Umbrella with the exception being Sound of Doctrine. White Horse Inn is more reformed rather than Lutheran in content and it, too, is featured in Pirate Christian Radio’s lineup. If anyone has any podcasts to add to the list, feel free to mention them in the comment section. I would love to hear what others are listening too.

And now, we come to the end of this episode. To all the ships at sea, signing off till the next scintillating podcast of “In Weakness, Grace Abounds.” No, on second thought, I do not think I will be doing a podcast anytime soon


One thought on “On the radio…

  1. Paul David Tripp does an excellent job of handling how the reality of the grace of Christ and a cross-centered life affect how people relate to one another in marriage and relationships. He will always drive it down to a question: whose kingdom are you living for? Yours, or God’s? He also makes a solid point in reminding us that we are overweight and in debt because of the idols we’re serving.

    Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands – book

    Portrait of a Struggle – DVD series, which may or may not be available in CD form, I’m not sure.

    What Did You Expect? Redeeming the Realities of Marriage – Book, DVD, and CD forms – could be loaded onto an ipod, for example.

    It’s good to have resources that make gospel application to radically change how we live our lives among the lost, the fainthearted, and the faithful.

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