I ran across this quote, from JonathanHerron.com,  taken from a leadership conference hosted at a local church:

Your church needs your LEADERSHIP more than your PREACHERSHIP.

I became aware of this trend, this hyper-focus on leadership skills, this desire of  CEO/lead pastors to run their churches like a secular business, a few years ago.  My question is this: Do you think the title of this post is ‘prophetic’ or exaggerated?

Understand, too, that this post is not a personal dig at Jonathon Herron, nor do I infer that leadership skills are not important within the church.  What I am concerned about is the seeming demise of the Biblical under-shepherd/pastor model of servant leader and the concurrent rise of the sheltered entrepreneurial CEO/leader model so commonly found in so many contemporary evangelical churches.

What I find a bit disturbing, too, in  this hyper-focus on inculcating secular leadership skills  into the church is, in reading their blogs,  a hyper-focus on the ‘care and feeding’ of the leaders themselves in seeming opposition to the care and feeding of their respective flocks.  I have heard so many of these leaders state their disdain for members of their church, be they on paid staff or not, when they fail to fall lockstep into some vision cast by the unassailable leader, when they ask to be actually spiritually fed by the pastor. I pity the bruised reeds and smoldering wicks in the Sunday audience.

Addendum on 12-4: Further elaboration on these thoughts can be found here.


One thought on “The Death Knell of the American Church?

  1. Hi Ron –

    I’d love to dialogue with you privately if you would kindly share your email with me.

    As an Acts 29-approved pastor, you and I are actually closer theologically and ecclesiologically than you might think…

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