Wanted: Sinners, Weaklings, and Misfits

A quote from the article:

We’re all tempted to evaluate a person’s effectiveness for God based on that person’s ability to get along with people. Our simple reasoning says if you’re liked by people, you’re liked by God. We project our earthly theories of social exchange onto the Kingdom of Heaven. Here again, we’re in error. Paul, in addition to his physical weakness, was also rejected by the Christian community for his lack of social graces or communication skills (I Cor. 2:1-5). I imagine John the Baptist would find very few organizations asking him to be their plenary speaker. And Jeremiah, Mr. Down-inthe-Mouth, could not name a single friend.

But God’s social graces are not ours. God chooses people based on a separate criteria. He doesn’t look for people who will fit in or stand out, but for those who will stand up.


3 thoughts on “Wanted: Sinners, Weaklings, and Misfits

  1. If He had not sought me… i would never have sought Him.

    The fact is, the world in general did not seek me out… so what value did i have? The Bible is full of people that the world did not seek out (King David came to mind readily), but God raised up and used them for His kingdom.

    What i find even more encouraging…, He not only used people who the world would have overlooked, but those who messed up in addition. Moses came to mind on that one.

    In the end, we do not serve Him because of how effective we are, we might be, or ineffective we are. We serve Him, because He is God – if our lot in life is to be a simple laborer who witnesses through his/her life, or Billy Graham who has a life mission to evangilise.

    May God fill you anew with the sense of His love, and may He provide a lamp unto your feet for the path that He would have you follow.

  2. John, thank you for your words of encouragement. I think, too, of keeping the hand on the plow and not looking back at past failures, sins, and mistakes, of pressing onward.

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