I mentioned this sermon a number of weeks ago  here .  Recently, I stumbled across a video clip of it.  Herein you find a profound ontological distortion of a Biblical understanding of the trice holy Triune God of the Bible.  Here in this tortured eisegesis of Exodus 3:14 you find a god defined  perhaps exclusively a responder to felt needs, needs that quite frankly can often be met be met without Christ.  Herein you find some truth mixed with an element of error and end up with a human-crafted god; you find idolatry.

I remember listening to a sermon at a mega-church I used to go to wherein they placed a quote on the overhead screens that went something like this: “God is honored to pursue us.”  There is nothing in me, in us, that God would be honored to pursue us.  Such thinking, without intent, represents a diminishing of God, the sovereign Creator, by an errant proclamation of exaltation of the fallen creature by the Creator.  Ask yourself this: did the first martyr, Steven, die for this message of a god who lets us define him by our temporal desires?  Did Paul die for this human-centered proclamation of ‘I AM what ever you need me to be?’  Was Peter crucified upside-down for a Christ that allows you to define Him by a “fill in the blank’ survey of felt needs?  Do you pick up your cross to die daily for this lite version of the heretical prosperity gospel?  It should come as no surprise to know that  Steven Furtick embraces the message of Joel Osteen and holds him in high regard.  Apparently, too, Steven Furtick, one who speaks at conferences on church growth, seems to be conflicted and confused in his thinking about Bereans .

(Addendum of 1-17-10: Listened to a recent sermon by Furtick, and he seems seems to be moving in a very positive, less human-centric direction.)


2 thoughts on “…a fill in the blank god…

  1. It’s tragic. Spurgeon is noted for saying that the definition of discernment is knowing the difference between what is true and what is almost true. This clip is a classic example of saying a lot of true things while missing the Truth completely. He hit on a lot of trees, but he missed the rest forest and indeed, the forest itself. Tragic.

  2. i am coming to believe that it is these “almost correct” teachings and leaders who pose the greatest threat to the church. they are just close enough to be dismissed as “splitting hairs” and yet they completely miss the mark.
    definition of the word heresy easily encompasses these guys, and yet we are castigated as judgemental dogs if we say they may be heretics.

    The visible leadership of American hristianity to the average schmoe (even those honest enough to dismiss the TBN crew) starts with PDL pastor, these guys, and all the rest of the attractional WC groupies.

    if persons were to state that they knew and loved my wife, then went on to misrepresent her and make her look cheap and arbitrary, i would assume that i would be allowed a portion of displeasure.

    Why are we not all angry at the pitiful portrayal of our Lord and Savior?

    I only recently found this blog, but much of what you say affects me strongly. thanks

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