I have heard the Messiah referred to as a rebel, both by those who I admire and by those outside the umbrella of orthodoxy.  I understand the allure of the rebel, the bold counterpoint to the banal status-quo.  America loves the rebel, the one willing, no matter the consequence to self, to poke the ‘man’ in they eye with a sharp stick for the ’cause.’   Indeed, our great country was born of rebellion, of revolution.

However and not to put too fine a point on it, does scripture ever describe Christ as a rebel?  Who in scripture is actually described as a rebel?  What resonates with me is Christ’s obedience, not any inferred rebellion.  He was obedient to the Father to the point of death, even death on the cross.  The One who created all condescended to take on flesh, humble Himself, and wash the feet of His disciples.  He kept the Law perfectly; He imputes his perfect obedience to his elect, to his sheep.  His obedience, however, does not does not infer a milquetoast demenor.  He is bold in His zeal as indicated in His overturning the table of the money changers, His hard rhetoric towards the Pharisees.  I think, too, of Paul describing Himeself as a bond-servant to Christ while still boldly opposing those who stood against sound doctirne.


2 thoughts on “On the concept of the Redeemer as a rebel

  1. In relationship to the His Father and the law, Christ was certainly not a rebel–as you noted in your post. Yet, I believe that the reason why people have labeled Christ as a rebel is because of his opposition to the religious status quo. Yet, this opposition is just another side of his obedience to His Father. If we want to keep the rebel language–and I could take it or leave it–maybe we could say that Jesus was a righteous rebel.

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