I really thought these videos were just too funny…and, after an epiphany of sorts, I see them somehow connected…  😉

“…what better fish to learn from than a fellow mammal…”

From the latter video….After being struck by an ‘existential epiphany’, Fred Taylor asks the ref, “What meaning can life have if the future can be dictated by the random chance of this coin?   Existence is a vulgar absurdity.” To which the Onion News commentator responds, “You can’t just wise off to a ref like that…especially at the start of the game.”  The other commentator states that “coach Del Rio chewed Talyor out telling him to quit pondering the inconsequence of being in the universe governed by chaos and just play some football.”
Further along, “Those fans must have been furious.”  “Well, they were upset.  No one likes to be told they were just specks of dust floating through the  the universe without purpose.”


4 thoughts on “A universe without porpoise

  1. I was thinking the QB must have recently taken a philosophy 101 class, read a bit of Sartre or Camus, and then ran down the field with it 😉
    Decades ago, after taking an ‘intro to philosophy’ class at a local community college, I very briefly fancied myself the beat nihilist-existentialist. I was young and naive and sophomoric. I am not that young anymore… 😉

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