I saw a sign in someones yard today that declared: “Elect Jesus As Your Lord!” Now, I do not in any way shape or form infer anything ill about the character of the person who displayed this sign in their yard. I know nothing about the family that lives in the house that sits behind this sign, nor do I infer that nothing ‘good’ ever comes from such faddish displays of faith.

However, does not this sign, albeit without intention, portray a Jesus that seems a bit weak and needy? Is He awaiting a majority vote before He acts? Is the mighty Lion of Judah, is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords restrained by some political process? Is He not the absolute Lord of salvation, of the created order; is He not a mighty Redeemer? He elected me that all glory should go to Him; I do not elect Him that any glory should go to me.

I think of a sermon I listened to a number of months ago at a moderately sized community church wherein the well-intentioned pastor, after having two members of the church ride their large, loud motorcycles through the poorly ventilated church to park them in front of the stage to make some point, perfumed by carbon monoxide, about God’s timing, declared that Jesus is a ‘gentleman’ who would never force His will on anyone. Is that a biblical understanding of the sovereignty and power of Jesus?

I saw a tee shirt for sale at a large book retailer a few weeks ago. The front of the shirt was a ripoff of the Staples Easy Button. “Jesus” replaced the “Easy” on the button. Wasn’t easy for Jesus.


4 thoughts on “Evidence of an exercise in marketing a tepid “Gospel”

  1. Quite frankly, I like the sign.
    Now being that you don’t know the person that has this sign and you don’t know his motive etc. Hopefully they will think about Jesus during this election. I know it is easy to judge, but let’s give him or her the benefit of the doubt.
    As far as the shirt goes, it’s too easy believism.
    God bless you as you go,

  2. Stop whining and get over your self-righteousness. They’re all just expressions of a person’s love for Christ.

  3. Hi Ian,

    Thank you for your ‘thoughtful’ reply. Quite frankly, I am open to criticism, but upon rereading my post, I honestly do not read evidence in this post of my whining and self-righteousness. Do I struggle with self-righteousness sometimes? Yes. In this post, no. Do you disagree with my theology or theology behind those examples of cheap grace? Fine. We can talk about that, but your questioning my motives is a bit over the line.

  4. Ron,
    Your post 12-16, was what i would hope to have written, but struggle with wanting to choke some of the blind guides just a bit and would not have been as gracious as you were.

    Ian appears (we don’t really know him from this bit, and who knows, maybe he wrote ambiguous sarcasm and he really does agree with you) to be the true result of the theology and teaching that the sign and T shirt come from.
    The jesus (small j intended) is an imaginary being, conjured in the minds of men. He is part santa claus, part robin hood, part benevolent philanthropist, part boy friend, and a tiny bit of biblical Christ.
    This is a being to be loved, possibly “followed”, but not to whom one surrenders in repentant contrition. Lord of every moment and thought, whose commandments are to be obeyed. And the only doorway through which rebellious sinful man can come to right relationship with the Holy triune God.
    This jesus’ cross is humanistically good news to all men, and certainly not the point of condemnation and judgement to all who do not believe.
    This “good news” is not good at all. It will get trees planted, shoes and sandwiches delivered, and some shelters built. It will also provide a false sense of salvation to many, and hinder the true gospels delivery to others.

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